Helpful Videos

In addition to our other informative material and resources, Genesis Apologetics offers a number of helpful videos. Whether you are looking for answers to the questions raised by evolutionary theories taught in junior high and high school, or you want to solidify the faith of your entire family, these videos will help. Here are direct links to the videos:

Lucy’s Final Fall from Science: The Australopithecus that was Just an Ape

This 1-hour webinar contrasts the Biblical Creation of humans with the secular ideas of how humans evolved, starting with “Lucy” the famous australopithecus. We also review the theological implications of being created by God, what evolutionists doing to “stand against the knowledge of God,” the design of the human ear, and the 10 “fatal flaws” that prove Lucy is not our ancestor.

Did God Tell us to Believe in a Six-Day Creation?

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