Lifespans Before the Flood: How Did People Live to Be 900 Years Old Before the Flood?

Dr. Jon Sanford of Cornell University became famous for inventing the “gene gun.” Dr. Sanford has extensively studied the long lifespans (~912 years on average) of the patriarchs who lived before the Flood. It turns out their lifespan data follows a very biological logarithmic curve. It shows biological decay consistent with restricting the human population to just eight at the time of the Flood.

Figure 1. Lifespans of the Patriarchs Systematically Plummet after the Flood.[i]


Figure 1 shows that the lifespans of the patriarchs (listed in Genesis 5 and 10) systematically plummet after the Flood. The curve explains 96% of the data points! This would have been impossible for ancient writers to dream up—especially given that the authors and compilers of Genesis lived across multiple lifespans.

Either these dates are historically accurate (and explained by the science of mutation accumulation), or they were fabricated by multiple authors/compilers over several generations to accidentally but accurately mimic a biological trendline.[ii] We recommend for further study.

[i] Dr. John Sanford, Jim Pamplin & Christopher Rupe, “Genetic Entropy Recorded in the Bible?” (FMS Foundation, 2014).

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