Human Hearing System

Evolution is supposed to be a mindless, random process that takes place over millions of years. If this is the case, how did the human hearing system arise, with its five separate components that don’t function without the others? Five separate parts to our hearing system all work in unison to enable us to hear, and none of the five make any sense by themselves. What good is an outer ear (engineered for capturing sound waves) if there’s not an ear drum to capture the sound wave pulses? What good is a pulsing ear drum without the three tiny bones behind it that use leverage to amplify the sound signal by a factor of 1.7 and connect to a water-charged cochlea filled with fluid? The cochlea converts the mechanical leverage to a hydraulic system that amplifies the signal another 22 times. And what good is all of this without the 20,000 tiny hair cells (stereocilia) inside the cochlea that convert the fluid movement into an electrochemical signal that we can immediately comprehend as speech?

Creationists see this as an intentional design by a Divine Creator. Evolutionists see this as the result of time + chance + mutuations + natural selection. Which explanation makes more sense? What creature would have devoted its genes and energies to crafting non-functional ear parts for generations while it waited for the fifth precision part to spontaneously appear?