As a youth pastor of 27 years I understand the great need to equip youth to understand the truth of God’s Word and help them defend their faith. Dave and Dan have been the top favorites to come and speak to our youth group. They are relevant, very engaging and empower youth to understand key concepts in regards to origins, dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark and the flood. I could not recommend these two men more highly to come to your group to share as soon as possible. I am so grateful for their clear presentations and the difference they have made in the lives of our kids as they go to school with a keen sense of discernment and fortitude in not only standing up for scientific reason and truth but influencing their peers in amazing ways. Mark Johnston, Pastor, Bayside Church

Genesis Apologetics has come to give presentations for our creation club twice within the last year, and boy, were they a treat! The way that Dr. Biddle and Mr. Bisbee present biblical and scientific info is so engaging that even younger children will be captivated by it. Their easy-to-grasp talks are a breath of fresh air to teens struggling with their faith and an exciting resource parents can use to help educate their children. What really excited me was their 'props' including a 5 foot-long model of Noah's Ark that's cut away so you can see the interior, fossils, and their skull cast collection that includes human, chimp, "Lucy", and "Pildown man" skulls. Most importantly, their presentations brings glory to the person of Jesus Christ, leaving viewers with the inescapable choice to either reject the Bible and the evidence presented, or to come to God in repentance and belief in His Son. I highly recommend Genesis Apologetics for your church, youth group, school, AWANA club, or conference! Caleb LePore, Foundation Creation Club

Dan Biddle's presentation of the creation account is truly wonderful. His fascinating presentation shows rich scientific evidences of the Biblical timeline in such an engaging way, that my entire family stayed riveted, including my 6 year old son. Parents and their sons and daughters need to experience this presentation as a means to increase their faith in the all-powerful God, and to equip themselves with more tools for sharing their own faith in this age of confusion. Erik Carlson, a parent eager to raise my kids to be mighty in Spirit

Genesis Apologetics thoughtfully and persuasively presents compelling evidence that the Creation Theory is not a myth…that the universe was intelligently designed and created by God. In addition, they efficaciously disprove the theory of evolution that is often presented as fact in our public schools. Genesis Apologetics will educate both adults and youth with a fascinating presentation that confirms the Bible’s claim “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Scott Sorgea – Director, 5th and 6th Grade Ministry, Bayside Church – Granite Bay, CA

It is so good to hear Ken Ham’s testimonials of people who have had the heavy burden of doubt lifted because of their belief in evolution and being freed by accepting in full God’s most infallible Word from Genesis to Revelations. Even Christians who have been tempted by the evolutionary ideas of man have been drawn away from the LORD without even realizing it. So in need are we to be accepted by men, that we often forget how wonderful it is to bask in the delight of the LORD by believing HIM and His WORD entirely without faltering. Even more seldom it is to have men of GOD boldly stand up for the Truth of His Word and in the strength of His Might. Oh that we might see the likes of Joshua and Caleb again. God sends us men like these on occasion and we believe He has in men like Dan Biddle and Dave Bisbee standing up to the giants of evolution, opposing God’s children even in the Promised Land. Most Christians do not discern the opposition to God’s Word that is rather evident from evolutionists. So it is refreshing to see men like Dan Biddle and Dave Bisbee take on this daunting task. Sandra Yarbrough, Sacramento Area Creation Clubs

Weeks before I heard Dan's sermon on Noah's ark and creation vs evolution I believed in Theistic Evolution, or something similar to it. I believed that God put the genetics into His creation to evolve over time. I put the two together and hoped for the best. After listening to his reasoning and logical answers, I couldn't help but believe what he put before me. It made more sense than anything I've heard before on the Creation topic. He talks with so much passion and knowledge that I am now confident to talk about Noah's Ark and creation vs evolution to my friends and family. Learning about this at a young age will help your children be able to defend their faith - and defend it confidently - in school, which is what I wish I could have done. Taylor, College Student at APU.

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