Nephilim (Giants)

Yes—giants existed—and it wasn’t just Goliath. Developing a well-rounded view about giants from the Bible requires studying the entire set (and not just a few) of the following Biblical passages: Genesis 6:4, 14:5; Numbers 13:28–33; Deuteronomy 1:28–3:11, 9:2; Joshua 11:21, 13:12, 14:12–15, 15:8–14, 17:15, 18:16; 1 Samuel 17:4, 49–50; 2 Samuel 5:18–25, 21:15–22; Amos 2:9; 1 Chronicles 11:23, 20:4–8; Numbers 13:22; Judges 1:20; Isaiah 17:5; and Job 4:13–18.

Due to the crowded and controversial content so widely available online and in print on this subject, we advise being careful to stay within biblical boundaries. So many have taken this topic too far. We recommend for this topic: “Fallen: The Sons of God and the Nephilim” by Tim Chaffey available here on Amazon. Because of the New Testament connection (Jude 1:6–8 and 2 Peter 2:4–11) with the verses above, we agree with the conclusion in Chaffey’s work.