How Do Dinosaurs Fit In The Bible?




In this book Dr. Biddle discusses how Dinosaurs fit overall in the narrative of Scripture. Twelve lines of evidence are reviewed that show dinosaurs were created spontaneously by God and lived recently.
1- Are cleverly designed.
2-Are lacking in both ancestors and transitions in the fossil record, showing they were spontaneously placed here by God.
3-Were better designed for the first “version” of the Earth (the pre-Flood world).
4-Are part of a vast fossil record, indicating a massive catastrophe like Noah’s Flood.
5-Were buried furiously (disarticulated).
6-Were quickly buried in mud.
7-Were buried simultaneously—fleeing in groups.
8-Are frequently found mixed together with marine fossils.
9-Are frequently found buried without juveniles.
10-Have at least 14 “fresh” biomaterials in their bones that cannot last for millions of years.
11-Have carbon-14 in their bones.
12-Have been found in pristine “mummified” condition.

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