This webinar contrasts the Biblical Creation of humans with the secular ideas of how humans evolved, starting with “Lucy” the famous australopithecus. We also review the theological implications of being created by God, what evolutionists doing to “stand against the knowledge of God,” the design of the human ear, and the 10 “fatal flaws” that prove Lucy is not our ancestor.  Choose from one of the four video lengths below.

Lucy Debunked (90 Seconds)

Lucy Debunked (11 Minutes)

Webinar For Public Schools (8.5 Minutes)

Full Lucy Webinar (1 Hour)

Is "Lucy" the Australopithecine an Ape-to-Human Transition?

Watch our short, 7-minute classroom presentation on Lucy (australopithecus afarensis), the extinct ape that is used as the leading icon for promoting human evolution.