Age of the Earth Presentation Set (IAC CERTIFIED MEMBERS ONLY)





Shipping: 60 pounds ($1,000 insurance value)

Audience: High School and up

Included: Biblical-age coin set; papyrus scroll; jumbo time signs (3-4 feet tall, one per millennia starting from 4,000 B.C.); David sling and stone; Abraham-age (bronze age) dagger; Shang Dynasty oracle bones; Sumerian Cuneiform tablets (medicine tablet, cattle sale document); Ammonite fossil (dated 32,000 to 42,000 years old) incased in rock dated 112 million years old; RATE book; Crown of Thorns; Fossilized Thorn (supposedly 48 million years old). 

Instructions: This entire set of teaching props can be used for explaining the Biblical view of the history of the earth (see video below). The set is most effectively used by placing the six jumbo time signs across a wide stage and discussing the various objects placed near each sign according to their age. 

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Weight 15 lbs