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Noah’s Ark Model (1/96th Scale) (IAC MEMBERS ONLY)



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Shipping: 100 pounds ($2,500 insurance value)

Audience: All ages

Included: Replica scaled model of Noah’s Ark based on Biblical Dimensions (5 feet); 2 model school buses (for size comparison); cubit scale; “Mammalian hybrids” book, Tablet #11 from the Epic of Gilgamesh; the Eridu Genesis tablet (a Sumerian text dealing with the Flood); Hebrew Flood Scroll (Genesis 5:14 to 9:1); Silver reading Yad.

Instructions: This model is useful for showing audiences the size and scale of Noah’s Ark. About 5 feet long and open on one side, this model shows how Noah’s could have easily fit the <5,000 mammal “kinds” necessary for populating the earth with all the species we see today!  

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Weight 15 lbs