Please help us prepare Christian students in California for evolution teaching!

This summer, Genesis Apologetics, Inc. is developing a campaign to prepare thousands of Christian students for the evolution teaching they receive in public schools. We are developing 11 brief videos that provide a Biblical responses to the 11 “pillars of evolution” that are taught in junior- and senior-high schools in CA. Then we plan on sending thousands of cards (that direct students to the videos) to every youth pastor in mid- to large-sized churches in CA (4,135 total). Youth pastors will be encouraged to hand out the cards to their students so they can pass them out to classmates.

Our intention is only to solidify the Biblical beliefs and values of our students; not to start controversies or debates. Christian students in today’s schools are inundated with evolution teaching, receiving over 250 pages and 50 instruction hours of evolution theory before graduating high school. Our plan has been designed to reach students in the most effective way possible: students reaching students.

We are raising $60,000 over the summer to fund this plan. Please pray with us or support us financially. If you would like a complete copy of our strategic plan with details, please email us. Our executive team continues to personally invest in this mission, but we could sure use some help! If you feel led to contribute, please click the Paypal link on our home page!

Contributions are tax-deductible, as we are a 501(c)3 organization with tax-exempt status.


Dan A. Biddle, Ph.D.

President, Genesis Apologetics, Inc.