Genesis Apologetics has partnered with the International Association for Creation (IAC) to create the Loaning Library! Now dozens of teaching objects, fossils, and powerpoint presentations are available FREE to Biblical Creation Ministry Professionals who are members of the IAC ( To be enrolled into the IAC Professional Development Program as a Biblical Creation Ministry Professional, candidates need to pass two exams (Biblical Creation, 65-items; and Basic Creation Doctrine, 33-items) and meet educational and experience qualification criteria. Email Steven at the IAC for more information ( Enrolled Biblical Creation Ministry Professionals can gain access to any item listed below for a 16-day loan (for teaching seminars, VBS, etc.), and pay only shipping/handling fees. To request an item, please complete this form.

Steps: 1) Fill out the request form; 2) select the item(s) (up to two at a time max); 3) after your request is approved we will mail the items via UPS (insured) (please return them the same way). Please note that availability is on a first come first serve basis depending on the schedule of previous bookings. 

**NOTICE ** All prices below are for shipping & handling only – there are NO rental charges for Certified IAC members (due to the partnership between Genesis Apologetics and the IAC)! Items will ship to residential and commercial addresses in pelican cases via UPS (insured for the value noted along with tracking and delivery confirmation. Please return the items using the same, as users are responsible for the items while in use and during return transit.