Below is a list of topics covered in this biology
book along with links to the Debunking Evolution videos that address each topic.


Topics & Response

Noah’s Flood & Extinction (6C) and Common Ancestors & Branching (5A, 5B, 6A) are discussed in Chapters 16, 18, 19, 25, 26.  Radiometric Dating (2A, 2B) is addressed in Chapter 16-19.  What Evolution (6B) and Vestigial Structures (3B) are discussed in Chapter 16 as well, Adaption and Natural Selection (4A, 4B) are also discussed in Chapters 17,18.  The topic of human evolution (3A) is covered in 11-14, 16-19 and 26.

Evolution Topics Covered in this Textbook

This particular biology textbook has 10 chapters (and over 100 pages) on evolutionary teaching. While many aspects of this teaching are spread throughout the entire book, the main points of the evolution theories are included in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 11 – Introduction to Genetics
  • Chapter 12 – DNA
  • Chapter 13 – RNA and Protein Synthesis
  • Chapter 14 – Human Heredity
  • Chapter 16 – Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
  • Chapter 17 – Evolution of Populations
  • Chapter 18 – Classification
  • Chapter 19 – History of Life
  • Chapter 25 – Introduction to Animals
  • Chapter 26 – Animal Evolution and Diversity

Biblical Responses for Each Chapter

Chapters 11-14 and 17: Genetics and DNA

These chapters review genes and DNA. Many textbooks and professors use the content of these sections to assert that humans and chimps are evolutionary cousins. Genesis Apologetics offers a Bible-based book, which we created, in order to rebuttal the main ideas and points taught in this specific high school textbook.

Chapters 8a-8c of our book describe how God is the master designer of both chimps and humans who utilized similar design methods for two very different beings. This is why we see that humans and chimps remain vastly different to this day. This chapter can be downloaded here:

Chapters 16-19 and 25-26: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Classification, History of Life, and Diversity

These chapters in your textbook cover the groundwork ideas and assumptions behind evolution. Chapters 2-7 and 9 of our biology textbook provide direct responses that debunk all of these essential theories. These chapters from our book covering this material can be downloaded here:

Chapter 7: Whale Evolution

This chapter includes a section on whale evolution, which is a theory that has been disproven by both creation scientists and secular scientists. Chapter 7 of our book provides a rebuttal to whale evolution, and can be downloaded here:

Digging Deeper:


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