Below is a list of topics covered in this biology
book along with links to the Debunking Evolution videos that address each topic.


Topics & Responses

Noah’s Flood & Extinction (6C), Radiometric Dating (2A, 2B), Common Ancestors & Branching (5A, 5B, 6A) are discussed in Chapters 12-14 as well as Natural Selection (4A, 4B) with the addition of Chapter 36.  Whale Evolution (6B) is covered in Chapter 13 along with Vestigial structures (3B).  Did Humans Evolve (3A) is covered throughout the text in Chapters 9,10,11,12,13,14,32.

Evolution Topics Covered in this Textbook

This textbook has 8 chapters (and over 100 pages) on evolutionary teaching. While this teaching is spread throughout the book, the main ideas of evolutionary teaching are included in the chapters listed below:

  • Chapter 9 – DNA: The Genetic Material
  • Chapter 10 – How Proteins Are Made
  • Chapter 11 – Gene Technology
  • Chapter 12 – History of Life on Earth
  • Chapter 13 – The Theory of Evolution
  • Chapter 14 – Classification of Organisms
  • Chapter 32 – Introduction to Vertebrates
  • Chapter 36 – Animal Behavior

Biblical Responses for Each Chapter

Chapters 9-11: Genetics and DNA

Chapters 9-11 of this textbook review genes and DNA. Many textbooks and professors use this content to assert that humans and chimps are evolutionary cousins. Sections a-c of Chapter 8 in our own Biblically-based book describe how God, the master designer of both chimps and humans, used similar design methods for these two very different beings. To this day, they are still vastly different. This chapters can be downloaded here:

Chapters 12-14: History of Life on Earth, Evolution Theory, and Classification of Organisms

These chapters in the textbook cover the groundwork theories and ideas behind evolution. Chapters 2-7 and 9 of our book provide direct responses to debunk the core of each of these ideas. These chapters from our textbook can be downloaded here:

Chapters 32 & 36: Vertebrates and Animal Behavior

Chapters 32 and 36 from this biology textbook cover theories directly related to the evolution of new species, including man. Chapters 5 and 6 of our book provide direct responses which prove just how false these secular ideas are. Download these chapters here:

Digging Deeper:

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