Below is a list of topics covered in this biology
book along with links to the Debunking Evolution videos that address each topic.


Topics & Responses

Noah’s Flood, Extinction (6C) & Radiometric Dating (2A, 2B) are discussed in Chapters 14-15 along with Common Ancestors & Branching (5A, 5B, 6A) which is also discussed in Chapter 31 and Adaption & Natural Selection (4A, 4B) which shows up in Chapter 17.  Whale Evolution (6B) and Vestigal Structures (3B) are discussed in Chapter 15.  The topic of Human Evolution (3A) is covered is Chapters 11, 12, 13 and 16.

Evolution Topics Covered in this Textbook:

This textbook has 8 chapters (and at least 100 pages) on the theory of evolution. While evolutionary teaching is consistently spread throughout the book, the main evolutionary points and ideas are included in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 11 – DNA and Genes
  • Chapter 12 – Patterns of Heredity and Human Genetics
  • Chapter 13 – Genetic Technology
  • Chapter 14 – The History of Life
  • Chapter 15 – The Theory of Evolution
  • Chapter 16 – Primate Evolution
  • Chapter 17 – Organizing Life’s Diversity
  • Chapter 31 – Reptiles and Birds

Biblical Responses for Each Chapter

Chapters 11-13 and 14: Genetics and DNA

These chapters review genes and DNA. Many textbooks and teachers use the content contained in this section to “prove” that humans and chimps are evolutionary cousins. Chapter 8, sections a-c, describes how God, the master designer of both chimps and humans, used similar design methods for these two beings. To this day, while they may share similarities, chimps and humans remain vastly different. You can download this materials and information here:

Chapters 14-17 and 31: History of Life, Theory of Evolution, Primate Evolution, Diversity

These sections of the high school textbook cover the main theories and ideas of evolution in biology. Chapters 2-7 and 9 of our Bible-based book provide direct rebuttals to the core of evolutionary theory. The chapters containing this content can be downloaded here:

Chapter 15: Whale Evolution

Whale evolution is a theory in biology which has been debunked by both secular scientists and creation scientists. Chapter 15 of this particular biology textbook states this theory as fact. In Chapter 7 of our book, we provide a rebuttal to this theory of evolution in biology. The chapter can be downloaded here:

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